Carbon Neutral

We have aimed to make Trullo Solari as environmentally friendly as possible, whilst maintaining the creature comforts of a luxury property.

As more people are becoming concerned about their carbon footprint, we would like to offer you the opportunity to plant trees on our property to offset the carbon emissions created by your travel to Puglia.

A return flight from London to Brindisi creates 0.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person. We recommend planting one tree per flight, and if you wish we will help to facilitate this by taking you to the nursery and providing the land for the tree to grow. Choose between olives or fruit trees, and feel free to come and harvest the fruit in years to come! Depending on the tree you choose, the cost should be no more than 20 euros per tree. We can take you to the nursery to pick out your tree, or shop on your behalf if you prefer. (If you visit in extreme heat or cold, it may be best for us to plant your trees for you in a more temperate season.) We will take the responsibility for planting, watering, feeding and pruning the trees for you.